A collection of high quality NFT cards


The world of Stigma

Imagine a future where the Roman Empire didn’t fall. What if technology kept advancing until humanity reached a critical point of fracture with nature?
The first deck tells the story of Maximus, a loyal soldier betrayed by the Empire he was fighting for. His identity was shattered in dishonour, until he found a new life as a Gladiator and rebel…

How does it work?

Our NFTs are a collection of cards on the Cardano blockchain. The core of our project is storytelling. There will be multiple decks, all set in the same universe but each revolving on a different adventure.
Our first deck has a max supply of 5000 cards/NFTs. Find out more about the deck structure in the Cards section.


Card Reveals are shown weekly on our Twitter. Stay tuned for more updates!

Join the adventure!

The originality of Stigma resides in its hybrid approach. We unite the quality of an art collection with the fun and narrative of trading cards.
A team of professional concept artists ensures that each card is a stand-alone art piece. An articulate story system gives cohesion and meaning to our cards.
Our goal is to offer a well-crafted and high quality investment with a fun twist!